Rules for reviewing articles

1. First, the Editorial Board of Eastern European Studies select submitted papers. At this stage, the adequacy of the subject of the article with the journal's profile, the paper’s substantive value, linguistic and stylistic correctness is assessed. Also, necessary editorial corrections are made.

2. The texts approved by the Editors are subject to evaluation by the reviewers, chosen by the Editor-in-Chief from the academics possessing scientific achievements in the given fields.

3. Each article is evaluated by two independent reviewers from outside the unit (University of Warsaw). The review form is available on the journal's website. The text in a foreign language is reviewed by at least one reviewer affiliated to a foreign institution from a different country than the author's country of origin.

4. The review is carried out in accordance with the principle of double-blind review process, i.e. the reviewers and authors do not know their identity.

5. Once a year, a list of reviewers is published on the magazine's website and in a journal.

6. The review has a written form (the form is available on the website) and it ends with an unambiguous conclusion which recommends the text to be accepted for printing or rejected. The review notes are kept in the Editorial Office and are not forwarded to the authors. At the author's request, the Editorial Board provides him/her with an opportunity to read a review.

7. In the case of a positive evaluation of the paper by two reviewers, it is accepted for publication and subject to linguistic and statistical correction. The text of the article after editing and proofreading by the language editor is forwarded to the author for approval.

8. In the event of one positive and one negative review, the Editor-in-Chief decides to publish the paper or to hand it to the third reviewer.

9. In the case of two negative reviews, the text will not be published.